Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dairy farming

 Dairy farming is one of the oldest, stable and profitable farming practice in India.India got a very long history and culture of Dairy farming.Rearing Cows or Buffaloes are very common in Indian villages.The Cow named Kamadenu is the symbol of prosperity and productivity in Indian scriptures.Some of the Indian Breeds of cows like Vechoor cows are world famous.Diary farming is the only farming practice which can be integrated with any other type of farming so far we studied.It can support all kind of farming sectors.Diary farming is the primary,sustainable and reliable farming field which can assure decent income to the farmer in long run.

Why Dairy farming

  • One of the stable and proven farming opportunity
  • Huge demand for milk exists in the market and will go on increase
  • Major nutritional requirements are satisfied only through Milk products
  • So many value added products can be generated from Dairy farming.
  • Dairy farming got so many cross functional benefits with other farming practices
  • Easily marketable products and matured market.
  • Dairy farming can generate income throughout the year.
  • Availability of various models of dairy farming
  • Huge support from Government and various agencies and getting financial assistance is very high compared to other farming sectors.
  • One of the farming sector which works very close to Mother Nature and Nourishing Nature.

 There are different modes of Dairy farming.Some farmers use Cows and some use Buffaloes.Dairy farming using Cows is the popular one.So we will discuss more about Dairy farming using Cows in coming posts.

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