Saturday, April 23, 2016

Polyhouse farming information in India

Even though Polyhouse farming and Greenhouse farming terms are used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between these two terms.Greenhouse farming is a broad term which includes all types of Greenhouses made of Glasses,Polyethylene etc.Polyhouse farming is specific to the Greenhouses built using Polyethylene.Cost of Greenhouses ranges from Rs 80/Sq.ft to 500/Sq.ft out of which Polyhouses are cost effective.The cost will differ in polyhouse farming also based on the Quality of Polyethylene used.The Polyethylene sheet gauge varies from  200 to 800 micron.Ply film can tolerate an average temperature of55 ̊C and its average life span is 4 Years.

Construction of a Polyhouse

The Polyhouse structure is prepared with Iron pipes(GI) or Bamboos.For long life and strength,Iron pipes are recommended.But it is costly than Bamboos.The average length of a polyhouse is 30 feet(you can change the length and width based on your plan and availability of land) and 6 feet width.The direction of Polyhouse should be always east to west.This is to avail maximum sunshine.Polyhouse should be constructed in an area where maximum sunshine is available. 

Polyhouse Cucumber farming

Irrigation systems used inside polyhouses are

  • Hand watering
  • Tube method
  • Sprinklers
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Mist system
These irrigation methods are used separately or in combined form based on the requirement inside the polyhouse.

Plants grown

Flowers:Mainly flowers like Gerbera, Anthurium, Marigold,Carnation,Rose etc are grown inside a Polyhouse farm.Read about Greenhouse flower farming and Greenhouse Gerbera farming for more details.

Vegetables:Tomato,Cucumber,cabbage,Asparagus,Broccoli,Capsicum etc are grown inside a Polyhouse farm.Read about Greenhouse tomato farming,Greenhouse cucumber farming etc fore more details.Greenhouse farming in terrace is also gaining popularity.

Polyhouse Rose farming

Polyhouse farming Advantages

Detailed advantages of Polyhouse farming is given in the post Greenhouse farming in India.Polyhouses mainly serves as a protection for plants and its surrounding environment.Hence maintain a favourable climate for plants.This will help us to increase the productivity 5 to 10 folds compared to open field farming.Quality of the products also will be superior.Optimum use of resources is possible inside a polyhouse. As the plants are grown throughout the year,farmer can expect high return compared to open field farming.

Main disadvantage of polyhouse farming is its high initial cost. The farmer/worker should be educated about latest technologies and greenhouse technology.Then only greenhouse farming will be successful.The cost of naturally ventilated polyhouse ranges from RS 800 to 1200 per square meter whereas Environment controlled fully automatic polyhouse cost range from RS 2000 to 3500 per square meter.The construction cost varies based on the quality of materials used.

There are lots of consultancies who provide services for setting up Polyhouses. Most of them are scams and they try to loot your money.Hence take care if you approach any consultancy.Approach Government agencies like Krishi Vigyan Kendra for free consultancy and training.

Polyhouse farming Subsidy

Both state governments and Central government are promoting Greenhouse/Polyhouse farming by providing various subsidies and schemes.Visit your nearest government agency like KVK,Krishibhavan,Bank etc for knowing more about government subsidies for polyhouse farming.

Polyhouse farming is the only solution for reducing the dependency of  our farmers on weather conditions.In India,Now weather conditions are not favourable for farming.This affected most of the farmers who depend rain for watering their plants. Polyhouse farming can be a life saver in such conditions.It reduces the loss of water and enables effective utilization of resources.This will help Indian farming sector and farmers in long term.

You are most welcome to post your views and opinions about Polyhouse farming. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Most Profitable farm businesses in India

Assessing profitability of each farming sector is a very difficult task.Some years may go bad for a particular agriculture sector,at the same time other years it may be highly profitable.So if you want to really assess the profitability,you need to continue at least three years in a particular sector.Below given are some of the profitable farming sectors which are existing more than 10 years and proved the profitability.

By hearing about profit,don't misunderstand these as an easy way of income.Your dedication and hard work will surely reflect in the income you earn.Below are some of the profitable farm business options you can choose of if you are passionate about it.

      Dairy farming is well practised all over India and is the highest revenue generating sector in rural areas.The major importance of Dairy farming is that,it can be integrated with all other farming methods.The manure from Dairy farm is much essential for cultivating other crops and improve the fertility of the land Organically.Organized Dairy farming can make wonders and is highly profitable.
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      Poultry farming is one of the largest farm business industry in India.The demand for Egg and Meat is growing day by day and will continue to be profitable in coming days also.The main threat for this industry is the sudden viral diseases,still the Industry proved its sustainability in last 10 years and it is one of the quick earning option for farmers.Organic method of egg production is the future scope in this Industry.
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      Goat farming is another profitable farm business which you can start from scratch.The speciality of  Goat farming is that you can start the business with minimum investment and manpower.You can start with one pair of Goats and later expand the business.Goat farming is commonly a family run business,but if you wish you can develop it as a full fledged Hi-Tech farm.
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      Fish farming is profitable if you are located near a place surrounded with water bodies. Even though it is highly profitable,in most parts of India,it is seasonal.It can be done in association with other types of farming.Integrated fish farming is proven to be highly profitable in India.High market demand and price is the main attraction of this farm business.
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   Banana farming is a quick income generating business.Before venturing into this business,you need to do market study to ensure market demand.Natural calamities and diseases are the main threats for Banana farming. Even though it is a labour intensive farming,the income can cover all those expenses.
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   This is a modern technique of farming which is emerging as a high profitable business.In this method,farming is done inside a protected environment which is favourable for the plants to grow.This will help farmers to get maximum yield from plants and the products are of high quality.This method is getting more and more popular in India and the greatest advantage is that it can be done in almost all parts of India.
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   Honey Bee farming is not only a farming but a hobby too.Honey is having lots of health benefits.It is used in almost all medicines in Ayurveda.This makes honey a demanding resource.If you can provide continuous supply of Honey to these medicine manufacturers,you can earn great revenue from Honey Bee farming.
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