Thursday, December 26, 2013

Challenges faced by Banana farmers

 As banana farming is more profitable compared to other crops,many young farmers are interested to start this farm business.But there are so risk factors and challenges associated with it.So before starting the business,it is good to know the difficulties and challenges faced by banana farmers.This will help us to identify our weak areas and do proper planning for the farm business we are going to start.Below are some of the major challenges associated with banana farming.

Unavailability of quality suckers

 Unlike other crops,for banana plantation we are using suckers from the mother plants.The suckers should be free from pests and other diseases and should have good growth rate.The availability of quality suckers are very less in major areas.This is one of the major issues faced by banana farmers.many farmers are not aware about the quality of suckers they buy.for a successful banana farming,it is important that we use high quality suckers which are disease and pests free.Maintaining quality suckers for next plantation is one way to overcome this issue if you are confident with the current plantation.Usage of tissue cultured plantlets will help alot in overcoming quality issues.But be careful while choosing the source of it.


 Wind is one of the main threat to banana plantations.Every year wind destroys a decent portion of banana plantation across the country.Normally a wind having speed above 80Km/hr is a possible threat to banana plantation.Usage of supports will help to some extend.The location of the banana plantation is an important factor in reducing the effects of wind.Try to do plantation in an area where there is some cover available to reduce the wind speed.

Pests and Diseases

 There are so many pests and diseases associated with Banana farming.Some of them are various types of caterpillars,moths,mites,bugs,bunchy top,panama disease etc.Treating pets and diseases are time consuming and costly.So it is better to avoid them from plantation by using quality suckers which are free from these diseases and pests.

Wild animals

 Attack from wild animals are another threat to Banana farming.Wild boars and Monkeys are major threats.For avoiding them,farmers use various techniques.Usage of crackers and Nets are some techniques.However wild animals cause lots of damages to banana plantation.

Unavailability of Man powers and Increasing labor costs

 As banana farming is a labor intensive farming,manpower requirement is very high.But many people are not ready to work in banana plantations as the job is less attractive.Those who work charge high rate.These things makes Banana farming a challenging business for many farmers.So before planning for banana farming,we need to consider this thing also.

Varying market price

 The market price for Banana always vary.It depends upon the requirement from customer and availability of bananas in the market.At some festival seasons,the price will go high.So while planting,we need to target such festival seasons for getting high price for our Bananas.

  Above are some brief descriptions about some issues faced by banana farmers.If you have anything extra to add,you can always comment below.We hope above points will help us to plan well for our plantation before implementing it.

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