Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Running a small scale freshwater fish farm business

 Starting a fish farm is a big task . Its maintenance is another challenge.After getting a good start of the fish farm ,  it is important   to concentrate on successful running of the farm.Most of the young farmers fails at this stage.Even after setting up a good fish farm,due to some negligence the entire efforts are going to waste.So it is important to know the main factors which can control the success of the fish farm and the areas we need to concentrate.

Pond Maintenance

 As we are doing the fish farming in the pond,maintenance of pond is one of the important area we need to concentrate.The pond should be prepared well.Before filling water,the bottom of the pond should be treated with lime.The Ph of the water should be checked daily and a Ph level between 7 and 8 should be maintained.There should be provision for water in and water out.Good oxygen level should maintained in the water.Application of organic fertilizers will help the plankton growth in the pond which will provide food for the fishes.The pond should be protected very well from predators.Constant water level should be maintained and water temperature should be checked for any deviation.Clear pond boundary should be constructed and avoid water unexpected water entry from other areas

Observing Fishes

Observing your fishes daily is an important activity if you are doing a fish farming.By daily observation of fishes you can understand how they are growing,any additional nutrient requirement,starting of diseases,any threat to the fishes etc.These understandings will help you to improve your farm and prevent spreading of any possible diseases.If you are neglecting this area,the entire farm will be under threat.


You need to feed the fishes if you are running a farm.The feed can be prepared in your farm itself.The prepared feed should be given at fixed time intervals.Take care that you are not giving more food than the fishes require which will reduce the water quality.Based on the nutritional requirement the feed can be prepared.Please get the advice from nearby Govt.Agencies about the feeding requirements.

Selective Removal

Some fishes grow very fast and some not.So it is important to remove grown fishes from pond for giving opportunity for smaller ones to grow.This will provide you additional revenue also.The harvesting time of each breeds will vary.So it is important that you know the harvesting time of the breed you raise.

Find a Regular buyer

It is important for the economic success of the farm that we find a buyer who will buy our farm products regularly.This will reduce lots of pressure on marketing requirements and you can concentrate on running your farm smoothly.It is very good if you can have two three regular customers additionally.

By concentrating on above points,we can avoid many issues that may arise while we run the fish farm.These are not complete ones but will help surely for smooth running of the farm.

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