Thursday, January 3, 2013

Poultry Farming

  Poultry farming is one of the well established farming sector in India. Rearing domesticated birds is very common among Indian Villages. Almost all northern states and some southern states  like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu   contain backyard poultry farms in villages.Hi-Tech poultry farms also present in these states.Poultry meat is well popularized in India compared to other meats like Mutton,Beef,Pork etc.The businesses generated by selling Eggs are another advantage of Poultry farming.So it is a good small scale business idea to start a poultry farm near our home.

  Poultry farming can be done in two ways.One way is by doing backyard farming in which the birds are allowed to feed freely from near by open places and only one shelter is constructed for nesting purpose.The kitchen wastes and natural sources will be the feed for birds.Another way is by constructing a fully integrated farm where the birds are kept in a protected shelter and food is provided by us.Both method has its own advantages and disadvantages.If we want a small farm of below 30 birds near our house,backyard farming is the suitable option.

 Poultry farming includes rearing of various birds such as chickens,ducks,turkeys,geese etc.For raising them,we should have proper knowledge about them.Construction of the farm,Feeding,weather conditions such factors plays crucial role in the success of the business.In coming posts,we will discuss about poultry farming in detail. 

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  1. Please inform the general public about the liceasing requirements also. These above information is basic stuff.

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