Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mushroom farming in Terrace- New business opportunity in Cities

 Mushroom farming is popularizing day by day in India.Even though its majority of customers are in city areas,many farms are still located in remote areas.Lack of space for the farm is the main reason why they are away from cities.The remote area farms creates lots of transportation and marketing costs in the entire system and thus increase the price of the products.The permanent solution is to produce Mushrooms in city area terraces.This opens a wide opportunity for people living cities to run a successful side business in their terrace.

Area Required

Based on the plan and space availability we can opt for 500 sq feet , 300 sq feet or 150 sq feet green house model shelter for the mushroom farm in terrace.The roof should be blue colored sheet and allow only 50% light to penetrate inside.We have to prepare another room or use one existing room as Dark room.Inside the Green house,we can arrange equipment for moisture and temperature control.

Availability of Raw materials

The chance for getting good quality paddy is less in cities.So we should do some arrangements with village farmers to ensure its availability.Other raw materials are are easily available in city areas.


 In city areas,there is no issues with Marketing of Mushrooms.People living in apartments always require good quality Mushrooms. What we have to do is just inform them about our farm and availability of quality Mushrooms.If we can ensure consistent production, local food and retail stores will also become our customers.

   There is no big difference in Mushroom farming at city and village areas.But in city areas we have some advantages such as easy marketing and low transportation costs. So if we can utilize our terrace space effectively,we can start to generate income...

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  1. How much the cost would be if we form a mushroom farm in a roof of about 1000 SQFT area