Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Economic importance of Emu bird

 Before we start a new business,it is very important to analyse its importance in our society or in its related field.We did this in the case of fancy pigeon farm,same way analyzing the economic importance of Emu bird is very important before starting an Emu farm.It is the key factor for the success of  Emu farms all over the world.

  Emus are just like a coconut tree,all parts of Emu are used for industrial purposes.The bird itself is an important asset.4-6 months old emu pairs costs 15000 rupees.Breeding pairs costs 30000 rupees.The main Economic important parts of Emu are its Eggs,meat,leather,Oil,nails etc.Lets check all these in detail..

Importance of Emu Egg

 Emu is an Australian bird and it is new to many parts of the world including India.So the availability of this bird is less and demand for chicks are very high.This makes Emu eggs very costly compared to other poultry eggs.Now Emu eggs are mainly used for incubating for new chicks.The other importance of emu eggs are as a food item.Emu eggs are rich with nutrients and can be used as an item in our daily food.Egg shells can be used for ornamental purposes.Now an emu egg costs an average of 1000 rupees per egg in India.

Importance of Emu Meat

 Emu meat is very similar to beef.But it is 98% cholesterol it is recommended by doctors of all over the world as a healthy meat for heart patients.Meat is rich in protein and less in cholesterol.Even though the meat is popularising,lack of enough birds makes it very difficult for getting emu meat.Emu meat costs 500 rupees per Kg in India.

Importance of Emu Leather

 The Emu skin is very soft and durable which makes it as one of the fancy item in leather industry.Emu skin can be used of making hand bags,gloves,briefcases,shoes etc. One adult emu leather costs 4500 rupees.

Importance of Emu Oil

 Emu oil is extracted from Emu fat.Emu oil has same density of human it penetrates easily in human skin.Emu oil is used in various medicines as a medium for penetrating through human skin.Emu oil is one of the costly item extracted from Emu.Great economic possibilities are associated with emu oil.From an adult bird we can extract 5 liters of oil and Emu oil costs 3000 rupees per liter.

Importance of Emu nail

 Emu nails are used popularly for ornamental purposes.The figure shown is an Emu nail used for jewellery purpose.

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