Sunday, July 8, 2012

Small scale Ornamental fish farming Business

  Ornamental fish trading sector shows around 15 % growth every year.Even though Indian contribution is very less compared to other countries,great possibilities exists for an Indian farmer.The main attraction of this sector in India is that the existence of huge domestic market.Many small scale farmers are earning decent money through this business.So it will be a very good idea if we can check how to set up a small scale ornamental fish farm.

 Firstly,like any other farm business,there exists a high risk of loss due to the attack of various diseases as we are dealing with living thing.The second problem is marketing.It won't easy for a new farmer to sell his products without gaining experience in marketing.If we can manage these two things,rest of the things are in our control and we can grow our business as a huge success.So gain more knowledge and take necessary steps before starting ornamental fish farming.

 While starting an Ornamental fish farm,we should take care of the following points.

Location of our farm

If the farm is located near the airport or railway,transportation of the fishes will be more easier.It will be very good if our farm located near flood area having availability of good quality water which is essential for health of fishes.

Type of our business

It can be Breeding only farm,Rearing only farm or both Breeding and Rearing farm based on our choice.

Preparation of Fish tanks and ponds

Fish tanks can be Cement,Glass or Plastic.It is very common to use Cement tanks.Small tanks are used for growing fish fingerling and large tanks or ponds are used for rearing big fishes.They should be protected and maintained well.

Selection of Fishes

The selection should be based on market demand and our convenience.various exotic breeds like Gold fish,Guppies,Moli and native fishes like Zebra have good market in national and international level.

Feeding and Maintenance

Feeding should be done regularly and twice a day.It can be prepared based on daily requirement using available grains.Water PH level (Between 7 and 8)and temperature(24 to 28 degree Celsius) should be maintained at desired values.Quality and Oxygen content of the water should be checked and corrected.


Various technologies have been introduced to make the fish farming profitable.One such technology is forced breeding using Hormones.It helps the breeder to mass produce quality baby fishes at desired time.This technology helps us to handle breeding process easily.


It is an important part which need good attention.Currently huge domestic market exists for ornamental fishes and export market is expanding rapidly.But for a new farmer,it won't be easy for market his products and earn money.Creating contacts with similar farmers help in this regards.

 These are brief descriptions only.A new farmer can start fish farm with some native breeds and experience the industry.After gaining necessary knowledge and confidence,he can make big investments in this field.Ornamental fish farming industry will show big developments in coming years.Hope all farmers can utilize it.

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  1. can we get Indian govt. add for small fish farming business , and how much , and what would be interest there on that / year .
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