Monday, October 14, 2013

Free platform for Buying/Selling farm business related products

         From the starting of our site,we were continuously trying to provide quality information to our readers and we were successful around 75%.Now we decided to provide our readers some value addition for the time they are spending on our site.As a vision to give value added services to our readers at free of costs,we are launching this page for our readers to put their requirements or the products they want to sell.We wish our reader community will visit the page and give proper responses to each comments.

 You can put your farm products,farm lands,Farm equipments,Technology,Job,Machinery,Consultancy related queries here.Your farm related requirements are also welcome.Real estate requirements related to farm lands also welcome.please avoid other business related queries which has no connection with farming.

     As the information on this site is purely free of cost,we have the limitations of blogger platform.We request you to put your queries as Comments and give responses to each queries as reply to the particular comments.

Requesting all of your co-operation to make this platform a huge success.

Please start to comment below....


  1. I really appreciate you & the blog which provides basic info on Greenhouse business. I have been planning to start a Greenhouse project and certainly would need more info in depth as how we can give a start and the most important which is bothering me to make a decision is selling the product. I would appreciate if someone can put some light on it.

  2. give me the email address , we are manufacturing poultry incubator

  3. could u provide addresses of reliable companies who can take tiger, vannamei prawns and other sea food items. i can supply quality products to them.

    1. 09535744623 john, sara sea foods

  4. I am looking to buy Dwarf honey bees. Could you provide any contacts?
    I am also looking of someone who can help with training local lady's in the care and management of the bees you can email or call John 9847912398.
    Thanks for this blog