Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Precision farming

 'Precision farming' is the term used to denote the farming practice which is fully based on accuracy.Its scope range  from GPS(Global Positioning System) to all modern farming technologies which enable the effective utilization of resources accurately.The GPS based system enable us to do effective field management and control of equipments based on satellite data.Other modern techniques like drip irrigation system help us for the effective utilization of resources.

Precision farming is the technique of effective utilization of resources with great accuracy and time.In this system everything is provided with great care.No wastage will occur.Thus it eliminates soil pollution and at the same time,reduces the farming cost.It increase the yield highly.Some farmers in Tamil Nadu got around 200 percent more production by utilizing precision farming. The main problem for utilizing this technology is the requirement of huge initial investment.Availability of latest technological equipments are also an issue.But by using the localized form of precision farming we can utilize available resources effectively.

To practice Precision farming in our farm,we need to know more about it.In coming posts,we will discuss more ...

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