Sunday, May 10, 2015

Freshwater Fish farming in The United States

Americans import 55% of their fish products requirement from other countries.Which clearly indicate that the Local market in United States still need to be explored and there are good opportunities still exists in America for fish farmers.This is also clear that there are some local farmers who supply to the local market and play major role in fish farming sector.Even though United States produce negligible percentage of the total world wide fish farm production,major fish farming countries like China,India,Vietnam,Thailand etc are targeting to tap the opportunities in United States market.

The opportunity for freshwater fish farming is huge in America especially in western states and southern states.States like Virginia having lots of water bodies are suitable for freshwater fish farming.This suitable for both extensive and intensive fish farming.The climate is very good and soil fertility also positive for fish farming.Compared to 2013,2014 showed positive growth in terms of freshwater fish production.This will repeat in 2015 also.There are few reasons behind this increase in production.

Initially there were few big players in Freshwater fish farming sector.Most of the farms were small,family run businesses where production were limited.later some more big players also entered in this sector which increased production at the same time provided more competition to the small farms.Most of the Small farms responded positively and they increased their productivity and thus started to contribute well the the sector.The increased demand for fish products in internal market also helped farmers to face this situation.Now this sector is showing positive trends in terms of productivity as well as profitability.Another important factor which increased local fish farming is the farming for Home use and  Recreation fishing.Both contributed their own numbers to the total production.

There are some issues which retard the growth of freshwater fish farming in United States.The perception of Fish farming among common people and government agencies are not good.Most of them believe fish farming will pollute water and the products are not organic.This contributes great challenges for freshwater fish farming.Some people prefer Seafood only.But the changes are occurring and the mindsets are getting changed.It is expected that in nearby future Freshwater fish farming sector in US will grow exponentially and will contribute like,China,India,Thailand etc..

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Small Scale Sugarcane Juice Shop

 This is one of the best and popular business idea related to Sugarcane farming.The importance and popularity of juice shops are increasing day by day in India.Starting a flavoured Sugarcane Juice shop will beery innovative.There are few people who already started this business and making huge profit.The story of Sugarcane juice shop network company in Bangalore which makes yearly turnover more than crores and graduates who started Sugarcane juice parlour in Raipur are few inspiring examples.

If you already own a shop or you are very much interested in opening a new shop,then adding Sugarcane juice business to your existing/planned business will help you to earn more and boost your profitability. Initially you may face some difficulties as you have not established your credibility and the customer base may be less.Once you establish your credibility and provide first class service to your customers,you will be busy with making profit.

There are few things you need to keep in mind before starting Sugarcane Juice shop.You should ensure proper supply of quality Sugarcane to your shop.The quality and taste of Juice mainly depends upon the raw cane.the cane may be either farmed by you or sourced.Second thing is Hygiene.Your shop should be neat and ensure customers are getting neat and quality services while visiting your shop.The juice extracting machine also should be clean and working properly.Try to use automatic machines which makes less sound and extract juice without adding fuel smell.You can try different flavours and add some masala items like ginger,tulsi etc. to make variety juices.This will result in a different customer experience and keep your shop unique.

If you have a long term vision,then you can plan for setting up franchisees and open more shops in nearby towns.But you should establish a standard before opening branches.The polarity and brand name should be so high that people recognise your shop while hearing the name.Then you can open branches and expand your business.Always try to ensure quality products and best services to your customers. 

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