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Poultry farming is gaining more popularity in India

Poultry farming is one of the established farming sector in India.Latest studies reveals that more than two thousands of large scale poultry farms are operating profitably in India.The number of small scale poultry farms are more than sixty thousand. Eventhough the project cost of the poultry farming is high during initial Setup,the business will start to gain profit after third cycle onwards.Poultry farm business is suitable for beginners as it will provide you immediate cash flow for expanding your business.But you should have a clear business plan, necessary poultry farming information and training.With the help of different subsidy schemes from Government,more housewives started to setup small poultry farms in urban area,which boosted overall egg production in India.Still poultry egg and meat requirement is huge.India's per capita consumption of egg is 42.Department of Poultry science of various universities estimates that Egg production will cross 10000 crore by end of 2015.The compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of egg production in India is 8%.Andhra pradesh is the largest contributing state followed by Tamil Nadu,Maharashtra, Punjab,Haryana are the leading Egg producing states in India.Chicken meat industry also nourishing nowadays.The ban on Beef imposed by various states helped the poultry meat industry to grow.With the help of all these favourable situations,Poultry farming is gaining huge popularity among young entrepreneurs in India as a successful small scale business opportunity.

Today we will be Discussing about
  • Setting up a small scale Poultry farm.
  • Major Poultry farms/Companies in India.
  • Popular Broiler Breeds in India
  • Popular Layer Breeds in India
  • Model Poultry project report
  • Challenges faced by poultry farmers and Solutions.
  • Marketing of Poultry products using modern techniques.
How to setup a small scale poultry farm

There are many things we have to take care while starting a poultry farm.You should have a clear plan on the infrastructure requirement,financial assistance/loan,market requirement,your niche,birds you farm etc.Here we will be listing down each factors briefly..
  • Your Niche:It is very important that you decide your primary Niche in poultry farming.Major poultry niche are: Poultry Egg production , Poultry Meat production ,Breeding,feed production etc.
  • The Bird:You should have a clear idea about the type of bird you are going to farm.You can select among various birds like chicken(Broilers and Layers),Turkey,Duck,Goose etc.
  • Financial requirement/Loan:It is very important that you analyse overall cost of your farm and how you will raise the investment.Preparing a Poultry Project Report will help you to analyse and get Loan from various banks.You can approach nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Krishibhavan or Department of poultry of nearest agriculture university for advice regarding Loan,subsidy etc.
  • Shelter for birds:This is purely based on how you want to build and run your farm.Small scale poultry farming can be Intensive or Semi-Intensive farming system.In Intensive farming,you need all infrastructures required for a modern farm.You can opt for deep litter system or Cage system.In semi-intensive  farming,you need a shelter for birds and land for them to roam around.Both Intensive and Semi-Intensive farming is suitable for small scale poultry farming.
  • Feeds and Feeding equipment:You should arrange protein and calcium rich feeds for your birds.Feeding equipments plays important role by eliminating wastage and contamination of food and water.
These are some of the basic requirement of a small scale poultry farm in brief.

Major Poultry Giants in India

There are various Poultry Giants operating in India.They are targeting markets in various metro cities like Mumbai,Chennai,Delhi,Kolkatha etc and major poultry products importing states like Kerala.
  • Suguna Foods is one of the pioneer in Indian Poultry Industry.They partner with various farmers and sell products through their network.Its headquarters is in Coimbatore.
  • Another one is Amrit group of companies.They have offices in Coimbatore, Pune, Raipur, Gurgaon and Kolkata.
  • Prabhath poultry is another successful poultry farm.They operate in Mumbai.
  • Keggfarms is one of the oldest poultry farm established in 1967.The operate in Delhi region.
There are many more farms to cover.It is very important that you visit these farms and understand various practices they follow.

Popular Meat purpose(Broiler) Chicken Breeds in India

  • B-77
  • Caribro-91
  • Caribro Naked Necked
  • Varna
  • Ross-308
  • Krishibro
  • Babcobb
Popular Layer Breeds(For Egg production) are
  • Barnevelder
  • Rhode red
  • Welsummer
  • Aseel
  • Frizzle
  • Karaknath

Model Poultry farm Project Report

This is a simplified project report for a small scale Broiler farm consisting of 500 Chicks.

Capital Expenses

Cost of Construction of Shed consisting of 800 Sq.ft=Rs.100/bird=50000.

Cost of Equipments=Rs.20/bird=10000

Electricity and other administrative Expenses=Rs.5/bird=2500

Cost of Civil works and other Miscellaneous expenses=Rs.5/bird=2500

Recurring expenses

Cost of Broiler chicks=RS.40/bird=20000

Feeding cost(2000Kg)=Rs.20/Kg=40000.

Labour and other Expenses=Rs.10000

Total Cost=Rs.135000


Through sale of  Broilers each weighing 2Kg.at the rate of 90/Kg=90000

Sale of Manure =Rs.5/bird=2500.

Total Revenue in one cycle=92500.

Total expense(including Captal)=135000.

The difference between Revenue and expense can be covered in further cycles.You can have minimum 5 cycles in a Year.Above calculation not considered mortality rate.

You can further optimise the expenses like Cost of Chicks and feeding expenses by preparing your own Chicks and Feeds.Any variation in feed cost will greatly affect entire profitability.

Challenges faced by Poultry farmers and Solutions

Major challenges faced by poultry farmers are...

  • Labour:Since poultry farming is a labour Intensive work,people are not interested in It.Lack of availability of labours is one of the major issue in this Industry.Implementing family farming system and part time job shift will help you to get some labours.
  • Diseases and Pests:There are different kinds of diseases and pests which attack birds.Providing Vaccination and ensuring the neatness of farm is the only solution for avoiding such issues.
  • Fluctuating market Price:Market price of Chicken fluctuates nowadays.Any reports regarding Bird flue can affect the overall poultry market.This makes poultry farming little bit Risky.
  • Bargaining of Dealers:Chicken prices are controlled by Dealers.the bargaining power of poultry farmers are very less.The only solution is to form Poultry farmers society.This will give better bargaining powers to the real farmers.
  • High Feed Cost:The only solution for this issue is to prepare your own feeds.Prepare Poultry feeds by locally available grains.This will reduce overall expenses.
Marketing of Poultry Products

Marketing of Poultry products is not that much easy nowadays. Even though the market demand is high,you should use modern marketing techniques for selling of your products.You can make tie-up will local retail stores if you are a small scale farmer.If you have large volume production of Eggs or Meat,you can sign a contract with new retail chains.They prefer to procure poultry items from local market.For selling chicks and Poultry Feeds,you can advertise in local media and participate in various exhibitions and seminars.Advertising in Local Television Channels will also help you.You need to Brand your products and promote that brand name.All these will help you for better marketing of your poultry products. 

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Dairy farming in India-Small scale agri-business opportunity

India is one of the major milk producing countries all over the world.Apart from India, US, China, other European union nations contribute major portion of the world milk production.As one of the successful business sector,Dairy farming got tremendous scope as a small scale agricultural business opportunity in India.Here we will be analysing some of the factors which make Dairy farming a successful business opportunity in India.

  • Scope of Dairy farming in India.
  • Advantages of Diary farming
  • NABARD Subsidy on Dairy farming.
  • Infrastructure requirement for Dairy farming.
  • Integrated farming approach.
  • Finding new Feed and Fodder resources.
  • Various Government websites for Dairy farming information sharing.
  • Success stories of dairy farmers

Scope of Dairy farming in India

As an established farming sector in India,Dairy farming got tremendous potential.Milk is consumed by almost 90% of the people in India and is a daily consumable product too.Either Cow milk or Buffalo milk is used in 80% of the homes.Dairy farming is one of the major source of income in rural area. Even the White revolution in 70s Increased milk production,still majority of the farmers in this sector are unorganized.The opportunity is here.Even Unorganized,Dairy farming is profitable in India.With the help of modern technologies and more Organized way of milk production,Dairy farming can be even more profitable and successful.
  • Huge demand for Milk and Milk products exists in India.
  • Local market itself can consume major portion of your production.
  • Possibility of producing various Value added products exists.
  • Indian Government is promoting Dairy farming through various schemes.
Advantages of Dairy farming
  • Eco-friendly farming.No environmental pollution.If properly maintained,environment is getting benefited out of it.
  • Daily market Exists.Local market itself has huge demands of Dairy products.
  • More and more people are getting awareness about the Health benefits of Cow Milk.So huge increase in Demand.
  • Dairy farming can be mixed with Goat farming,Poultry farming,Fish farming etc to generate additional Income.
  • The Manure produced in Dairy farm is used as natural fertilizer for various crops.It is an additional Income.
NABARD Subsidy on Dairy farming

What are the subsidy available for dairy farming?,Which are the schemes available from government of India to support Dairy farming? ,How to get loans for Dairy farming? these are main questions which come in to mind while we plan to start a small scale Dairy farm.The answer is with NABARD.NABARD is the Apex agency for giving financial assistance to Dairy farming.The objectives are
  • Promoting Modernization of Dairy farms with New technologies and Infrastructure.
  • Production of clean and quality milk.
  • Rearing good quality breeds and ensure the quality of the Calf.
  • Generating employment opportunities in Rural area.
  • Infrastructure development and Supply chain network.
Eligibility for NABARD Dairy farming Subsidy

The following types of persons,Groups,Organizations are eligible for applying Dairy farming subsidy from NABARD
  • Farmers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Groups
  • Societies
  • Companies
An individual is eligible for the subsidy only once for a component of Dairy farming.You can apply later for another component.Various schemes are available based on the project cost and size of the farm.A detailed project report need to be submitted for availing the loans.

Infrastructure Requirement.

The Infrastructure requirement for starting a Small scale Dairy farm is

  • Shelter for Cows/Buffaloes:The space required per animal is 50 sq.ft.The roof should be 3-4 meters high.The shed should be ventilated well.The floor should be on a raised ground.A standing space of 1*1.05 meter for each animal is needed.
  • Feeding equipments,Grass cutters
  • Milking equipments
  • Milk storage Room
  • Feed storage Room
  • Water Tank
  • Bore well
  • Land for Growing Feeding Grass
Integrated Farming Approach

Instead of only depending on Dairy farming,it is better to to Integrated or Mixed farming.You can do rearing of Goats and Chicken and the Manures can be used for raising various crops or vegetables.The by-products from vegetable farming or crop farming can be used as a feed for Cows/Buffaloes. Thus effective utilization of resource is possible.

Finding new Feed and Fodder Resources

During draught seasons,it is very difficult to get Green fodder for cattle feeding.Utilizing Hydroponics technology will help us to generate our own Green fodder at low cost.Initially some investments are required.But in long run our farm will get benefited out of it.During draught season,the rate of green fodder usually get increased highly.If the draught season persist for long time,it will impact the financial stability of the farm.So if you plan it early,you can avoid future crisis.Hydroponics green fodder cultivation for livestock feed is getting very common in India. Through recycling of water you can save lots of water and it is very helpful if your farm is situated in a location where water scarcity exists.

You can raise Green fodder inside greenhouse also.But for that your cost and production should be optimised.If you follow integrated farming approach,then the bi products from crops and vegetables also can be used as cattle feed.Bi product from Sugar mills and Beer factories can also be used as cattle feed.

Government Websites for Dairy farming Resource

Government agricultural sites contain detailed technical information regarding Dairy farming.Department of Agriculture from various Agriculture Universities publish various article regarding Dairy farming. The sites can be referred for making detailed project report on Dairy farming for submitting to banks to get loans.The sites also contain solutions to various issues,contact details,application forms and schemes.You can refer this Dairy national portal page for visiting various government websites. 

Success stories of Dairy farmers

Success stories always keep us motivated.We can learn soo much from the life of farmers who converted farming to a successful business.below are some of them.

The Career of Mr.Santhosh D Singh started as an IT Engineer.He travelled all over the world as an Engineer and learned a lot.Soon he realized the Possibilities of Dairy farming in India and decided to become an Entrepreneur.He started his farm Amrutha Dairy farm with Three Cows.Now he is having more than 100 Cows in his farm with an annual turn over  of 1 Crores.Like any farmer,we also faced lots of challenges,but with the use of technologies and innovative ideas,he converted all of them to new opportunities.

The story of Mr.Ramakrishnan in Tamil Nadu also the same.He quit his IT job for starting Organic Dairy farm in Tamil Nadu.Now he is one of the successful dairy farmer.Now he is planning for further expansion of his farm.

There are so many success stories of people like Mr.Vijayan from Kerala,Mr.Venkat from Andhra Pradesh,Mr.Khushal from Maharashtra, who actually found the possibilities of Dairy farming business.Dairy Farmers from Andhra Pradesh are planning to form a Cooperative society like Amul.Once it is done,it will be a new history in Indian Dairy farming sector.

Like any farming business,there are various challenges and issues faced by dairy farmers.For the successful running of Dairy farm,it is very important that you overcome those issues. 

You can watch lots of Videos on You tube regarding success stories of various Dairy farmers all over India.Once you Modernise your Dairy farm and ensure continuous availability of Milk,You can be a successful Dairy farmer.Proper caring of Animals and neatness of your farm also very important.Vaccination of your Dairy farm animals also very much required.These are very basic ideas regarding a Dairy farm business.If you have any suggestion or opinion,you are welcome to comment below.