Friday, March 6, 2015

Small Scale Sugarcane Juice Shop

 This is one of the best and popular business idea related to Sugarcane farming.The importance and popularity of juice shops are increasing day by day in India.Starting a flavoured Sugarcane Juice shop will beery innovative.There are few people who already started this business and making huge profit.The story of Sugarcane juice shop network company in Bangalore which makes yearly turnover more than crores and graduates who started Sugarcane juice parlour in Raipur are few inspiring examples.

If you already own a shop or you are very much interested in opening a new shop,then adding Sugarcane juice business to your existing/planned business will help you to earn more and boost your profitability. Initially you may face some difficulties as you have not established your credibility and the customer base may be less.Once you establish your credibility and provide first class service to your customers,you will be busy with making profit.

There are few things you need to keep in mind before starting Sugarcane Juice shop.You should ensure proper supply of quality Sugarcane to your shop.The quality and taste of Juice mainly depends upon the raw cane.the cane may be either farmed by you or sourced.Second thing is Hygiene.Your shop should be neat and ensure customers are getting neat and quality services while visiting your shop.The juice extracting machine also should be clean and working properly.Try to use automatic machines which makes less sound and extract juice without adding fuel smell.You can try different flavours and add some masala items like ginger,tulsi etc. to make variety juices.This will result in a different customer experience and keep your shop unique.

If you have a long term vision,then you can plan for setting up franchisees and open more shops in nearby towns.But you should establish a standard before opening branches.The polarity and brand name should be so high that people recognise your shop while hearing the name.Then you can open branches and expand your business.Always try to ensure quality products and best services to your customers. 

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Sugarcane-Small Scale Business Opportunities

  From previous posts we understood the concepts   of Sugarcane farming , its benefits,feasibility study and scope. Now we are going to discuss about the small scale business opportunities associated with Sugarcane farming.These are small and medium sized business opportunities which can add value to your Sugarcane farming and at the same time increase your profit and convert you from a traditional farmer to farming business entrepreneur.

Sugarcane Juice shop

This can be a Roadside shop or near public places where the foot walking is high.You require a small Sugarcane Juice extractor for this shop.If you already own a juice shop or you have any shop already,you have an excellent opportunity.we will discuss more about this business in coming posts.

Jaggery Manufacturing Plant

Jaggery is one of the major product from Sugar cane.It has more health benefits compared to Sugar.It require less investment compared to sugar production. Jaggery got huge domestic market in India and is widely used for food and sweets preparation.We will discuss in detail about this business idea in coming posts

Bio-fuel/Ethanol production

Petroleum products prices are varying now.It is estimated that the current petroleum sources will deplete in nearby future(Note: current dip in petroleum price is temporary).The best alternative is Bio-fuel.Ethanol is one of the best Bio-fuel available today and Sugarcane is one of its largest source.Now Ethanol is extracted as a By product while producing sugar.But there will be a time when Sugarcane farming is done purely for ethanol.

Small scale sugar production Plant

sugar manufacturing is one of the major business sector in India.For starting a Sugar manufacturing plant,you need good investment,Marketing knowledge and sales strength.So it if you are planning for manufacturing Sugar,it is best to form a society of all Sugarcane farmers in your area and then start the plant under this society.This will help you to gather investment and also help you to handle any adverse condition.

Charcoal production plant

Sugarcane leaves are good source of Carbon.Normally this leaves are burnt for clearing the field for next crop.Using these wasted leaves for production of Charcoal is one of the profitable business idea.As the availability of wood goes down and the demand for charcoal goes up especially in winter season,Charcoal production business is getting huge profit.We will discuss more about this business opportunity in coming posts.

These are some of the small scale business opportunities related to sugar cane farming.apart from these if you have any new idea or suggestions,you can comment below..

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