Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sugarcane farming-Basic requirements

When we discuss about Sugarcane farming, there will be always a question like what are the things we need to check before starting Sugarcane farming. Here we are going to discuss in detail about the basic checks we need to do before actually get into Sugarcane farming. Before we go for sugarcane farming,it is advisable that we do this feasibility study in our area of farm as the success of the Sugarcane farm business depends on these factors also.

Financial condition

   Sugarcane prices vary time to time and climate conditions has high influence on Sugarcane.We should be prepared for It.So it is better to analyse ourself whether we can handle these things financially.

Availability of Sugarcane processing plants

 If the sugarcane processing mills/plants are available nearby,transportation charges for the cane will be reduced and we can ensure the demand for Sugarcane always.Main Sugarcane processing plants are Sugar Mills.You can also check other processing plants which require Raw cane for other industries too.

Climate condition in our area

 Sugarcane require a long  warm growing season with average rainfall.This rainfall will trigger its vegetative growth.High rainfall and raining during ripening and harvesting period is not desirable.The desired temperature range is 25°-32°.So we need to check whether our climate is similar to this or not.Frost is not good for Sugarcane. So avoid Frost seasons.

Soil type

 Sugarcane require highly fertile ,well drained soil with optimum pH as 6.5.

Labour requirements

  Sugarcane farming is labour intensive we should check availability of labours at cheap rate as the high rate can reduce our profitability.

Availability of Land

  We need a long continuous land which enables us to use machines and get optimum harvest.The Land should be reusable for at  least 3 years as ratoon crops(canes grown from roots after harvesting) techniques are used in Sugarcane farming.

Availability of nearby Sugarcane farmers

  If we are alone and no other Sugarcane farmers are nearby us,then we will face lots of issues like finding buyers for our cane,less chance of bargaining,Lack of advises etc.

   These are some primary checks/requirements we need to keep in mind while we go for Sugarcane farming.If  you feel I missed anything,you can always add by commenting below.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sugarcane Farming

 India is the second largest sugar producing country all over the world ,at the same time largest consumer of sugar too.India contributes about 16% of the total sugar production all over the world.Since Sugarcane is a Cash crop and its import  can affect Indian economy, sugar price is highly controlled by Indian Government.States like Uttar Pradesh,Tamil Nadu,Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka,Gujarath are the largest  sugar producing states in India.With the support of government and the strong demand from domestic market,Sugarcane farming has turned to be one of the profitable farming sector in India .Sugar Industry contributes employment to over a million farmers.Apart from sugar,Sugarcane is one of the largest source of Bio fuel like Ethanol.So Sugarcane farming has got high importance in farming business all over the world.

 Sugarcane was one of the Luxurious and expensive spice before 18th century.Sugarcane farming started in India between BC 1600 and 1400.Many Indian traders were gaining huge profits by trading Sugar to European countries till 18th century.After colonization, Sugarcane farming spread all over the world and now it is farmed in almost all tropical and semitropical areas.It does not grow in cold climate.Now sugar is one of the essential food ingredient in all over the world and it has huge control over world Economy and has the potential to contribute much more to the farming sector.So we will be discussing more about Sugarcane farming in coming posts.

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