Monday, December 14, 2015

Why some Greenhouse/Polyhouse farms not succeed in India-Know before Investing.

Greenhouse/poly house farming is Booming in Indian agriculture sector.Because of the high return possibilities and advantages of greenhouse farming, more and more farmers are implementing greenhouse farming without considering their capacity,knowledge,market requirement etc. Of course,Greenhouse farming technology is a modern method of farming which got lots of advantages and profitability.But it got limitations too.Many of the Greenhouse/Poly house companies/Consultants hide these limitations from farmers in order to promote their products.The ultimate sufferer is the one who invest his hard earned money by believing their words and get no returns.So here we are analysing what are the factors which we need to consider before investing in greenhouse farming and how they affect the success/failure of Greenhouse/Poly house farming.

False promises

In order to promote their products,most of the Greenhouse manufacturing companies and sales representatives provide wrong informations like high returns,quick profitability,wrong market demand etc. If they believe these things  blindly,then the result will be huge loss.So getting fair knowledge about Greenhouse farming is very much essential...

Corporate entrepreneurs

Majority of the people who are victims of these scams are young entrepreneurs from corporate world.They lack practical knowledge about farming and are easy targets.So think twice before investing and seek the help of experienced farmers whom you trust.

Words of Experienced farmers

As far as farming is concerned,Experience is the Key of success.Visiting a nearby Greenhouse farm and understanding how it works will give you lots of learning.Get advise from such farmers before Investing.This will help you to avoid lots of mistakes.

Cost you can afford

Understanding the Cost involved in Overall construction and maintenance of Greenhouse/Poly house farm is very much necessary.This will help you to arrange enough resources well in advance and avoid last minute suspense.You should invest only if you can afford it.Else you can opt for conventional farming methods.


As said earlier,Knowledge and Experience is the crucial factors in the success of a farm.Get maximum knowledge like constructing a Greenhouse/Poly house farm,running it,maintenance etc. You can approach nearby Greenhouse farm,various government agencies,agricultural universities etc. Avoid private consultants during the initial stages of your learnings.They may mislead you  


Most of the young investors are employed people working in some companies.They only invest and appoint workers for running the farm.The accountability of these workers is a question.If the workers of the farm is not well qualified,the farm will result in loss.So it is very important that you manage the farm directly..

Market demand

Understanding the market demand is very critical in success of the Greenhouse/Poly house farm.Producing large quantity of quality products when market demand is high, will help the farmers to achieve maximum profitability.So understanding the pulse of the market and planning well in advance is very much important.

Farmers groups

Forming Farmers groups,Societies will help the farmers to share their investments and thus reduce the risk factors associated with Greenhouse farming.It will also help them to organise various activities,form ideas and better management of the farm.Farmers groups will have knowledge,Experience and Capacity to invest compared to Individual farmers.The chance of success is more for such Groups.

 These are some of the tips you can keep in mind and apply if you are interested in Greenhouse farming. Having adequate knowledge and experience will help you to manage your farm without any loss.Greenhouse/Poly house farming is profitable only if you are managing your resources based on the market demands.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Free Buying/Selling Farm Equipments in India

 Farm equipments market in India is growing with a CAGR of 6%.The market size is now around $10 Billion and is estimated that by end of 2016,it will cross $11.5 Billion.Around 70% of India's population is engaged in farming related jobs.The Market is so huge that lots of new ventures are being developed focusing farming sector.

Buying/selling Farming related equipments is a headache nowadays.Most of the time we are unable to find good quality products in our local stores.Even if we find some equipments,we are unable to figure out its exact value/don't have any options.75% of the farmers are still facing this issue.Buying online is the best option to overcome such issues.Big Online shopping giants like Snapdeal,E-bay etc are focusing their attention to Farm equipments sector. Snapdeal opened their Agri store by focusing Indian farmers to help them buy good quality products at cheaper rates.E-bay also have wide variety of farm equipments in their online store.

Selling your used farm equipments is another challenge.Most of the time we are unable to find any buyer for our used farm equipments.But in reality,there are millions of farmers who are unable to buy new equipments and wanted to buy used equipments at cheaper rate.By listing online you can  solve this issue to a greater extend.List your used equipments details in online portals like OLX,Quikr etc.This will help you to find more people who are interested in your equipment.

To help our readers to Buy/Sell  New/Used equipments,we are extending our help by dedicating this page for such usage...You can enter your requirement/advertisement in below comment section with contact details.It will be available to all farmers who visit this page and interested one will contact you.A free service.Please don't enter any links to other sites.

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