Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Problems faced by Indian Dairy farmers and its Solutions

 In this new era of globalization,Indian farmers are facing so many problems.Being a major contributor for farm business, Dairy farming also takes the hit.Many Dairy farmers are not prepared for the challenges they are going to face.Many are still not aware about it.So it will be good if we closely study about the challenges we are going to face and prepared to face it.For every problem there is a solution.same way,by knowing more about the problems we can arrive at the solution and get ready for it.Here we are going to discuss the problems and its solutions which will help dairy farmers to get prepared.

High Infrastructure Requirement

        Cow sheds,Feeding mechanisms,Milk extracting equipments etc are the minimum infrastructure required for starting a dairy farm.If we want to start in a large scale,the investment will also increase.So the financial requirement is the problem for a common farmer.the solution is to get the assistance from Government agencies like NABARD who have various programs to develop dairy farming.

Lack of Manpower

      Difficulty in getting manpower is very high in Dairy farm business.People are hesitating to work in a Dairy farm.The solution is to find manpower in their own family on part time basis or get the manpower from people who are coming from other states by seeking jobs.

Lack of Professional Training

     Dairy farming is more profitable if we are professionally trained.Professional training requirement can be fulfilled by getting training from Various Government agencies like Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Veterinary departments,Veterinary universities etc.Please get in touch with them for fulfilling your training needs.

Inconsistent Breeding 

   Regular Breeding and milking is the Key for profitability in Dairy farming.If any problem occurs,the milk availability will be affected.So well planning is required while selecting your Cows/Buffaloes.By using scientific methods and raising healthy cows you can improve the efficiency.Seeking the advice of nearest veterinary expert is always desirable.

Availability of Feeds

 Irregular feed supply is another concern.For running a Dairy farm,regular supply of quality feeds required which will not happen practically.Stocking feeding items for handling emergency situations is highly required.


Various diseases attacking Cows/Buffaloes are reported today.Treating them after affecting is very time consuming and expensive which will reduce profit also.Taking preventive measures are the best solution .You can get the help of Nearest veterinary expert in this.  

       These are few Common and Important problems faced by Indian Dairy farmers and some solutions.You can also give your valuable suggestions and share your experiences.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dairy farming as a profitable Business

 Dairy farming is one of the largest farming sector in India.In India most of the people depends on Agriculture for their livelihood. Majority of our Agricultural farmers own at least one cattle.Whether they are making profit from it or not? Many are yet to calculate it.But directly or indirectly it adds value to their farm and help them.Dairy farming is still an unorganized business sector.Many farmers lacks proper knowledge and analysis.It will be better if we analyse what makes Dairy farming profitable.So here we are going to discuss the potential of dairy farming as a profitable business.


               Being a Traditional business it is sustainable.Dairy farming has a huge history of success.The products are well established in market and you no need to advertise it in market.


              As an ethical farming practice,Dairy farming is well accepted in society.This makes the running of business easy and the marketing more smoother.The benefit of Dairy Farming is beneficial for not only one person but also the entire community.So its acceptance is good among society.


           As said already,marketing won't be a problem if you are in dairy farming business.The products are well accepted and is in huge demand.There is always exists good customers for quality Dairy products.

High Potential for development

        This business got great potential from production to distribution and from there to retail networking.By being in this field,we can grow to a large business network.

Huge support from Government Agencies

        For those who wishes to start Dairy farming as an entrepreneurship,the financial support is very high.Various Government Agencies (for eg: NABARD )are giving financial supports to those young entrepreneurs.As this sector creates more job opportunities,government is more supportive.This support will help new entrepreneurs to develop business with proper planning and infrastructure.This in turn reduce operational cost and increase profitability.

             There are huge Indirect benefits also.Anyway this analysis can give some insights about the Dairy farming and its potential.We will discuss more about Dairy farming in coming posts.

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