Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Banana Farming

 Banana cultivation is one of the traditional area of farming in India.As it is labor intensive farming,it creates huge job opportunities in farming sector.The quick and high return on investment is one of the attraction of this farm business.India is one of the top five Banana producing countries in the world.Due to huge domestic demand,all Fruits produced are consumed locally.Still our production is not up to the demand exists.This leaves good business opportunities for young entrepreneurs to enter in this field.

 The main attraction of Banana farming is that 'everything is available locally'.From the seed for planting to the marketing,everything we can find locally.For selling,no need to worry we have huge local market which will accept all of our production with decent return.All we need to do is follow proper procedure of farming and produce quality fruits.

 Commercial Banana production is one of the revenue generating sector in Banana cultivation.This ensures huge income generating opportunities for Banana farmers.As we were cultivating Banana for centuries,many farmers still follow traditional methods of Banana farming .Then also they get decent income from Banana farming.The production per Acre is less in traditional methods.There are lots of newly introduced technologies to improve the production and generate income.Coming posts are based on banana production and from those posts we can get an idea about how we can convert Banana farming as a good revenue source.

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