Sunday, December 15, 2013

Starting a small scale freshwater fish farm business

 Fish farming sector is one of the fastest growing farming sector in India.As more and more youngsters are interested to become investors in this sector lots of job opportunities also generating. Beginning a small scale freshwater fish farm is always a question among young farmers.They always have lots of questions in their mind about the profitability,requirement,things to do and how to start..the questions never end. Finding answers for such questions is not that easy and it is normal that we get the answers from our experience only.Here I am not going to answer these questions but showing some ways to find the answer to your questions.

Visiting Nearby Fish farm

It is always advisable that we experience things by seeing a model.Visiting a fish farm will give you an overall idea about what kind of farm you are going to start.It will help you to be more clear with your ideas.You can notice the things you missed,find opportunities for improvement and importantly you can understand whether the idea is suitable for you or not.Talking with the farmer will give you more idea on starting the farm,maintaining the farm and the marketing.He can also give you some ideas about the profitability of the business. You can even revise your idea based on the things you understood from the farm.So it is most important that you visit a fish farm before blindly starting the business.

Finding suitable water bodies

For starting a fish farm,we need to identify suitable water body.A nearby pond which will have water in all seasons is suitable for the continuous running of the farm.Some ponds are seasonal and there are other water bodies also which can be converted for our farm.Digging a new pond is suitable only if you are taking the business more seriously and you have enough money to spend.The pond should be fertilized and Ph level should be checked.A ph level between 7 and 8 is suitable.The pond should be protected from predators.The water quality should be high and Oxygen content should be high.

Find a suitable seed seller and buy

The fish seeds(Babies) will play major role in the success of our farm.They should be healthy and should not contain any diseases.So do a search and find a trustable seller of seeds.The first seeds are important for your farm.An experienced seller can give you lots of advises about caring the babies and can show you lots of marketing opportunities for your farm products.You can develop your own seeds later.

Seek the help of nearby Government Agencies

You can always trust government agencies as they are here for helping farmers and not for generating profit from them.Approaching private agencies for consulting is not good as they are here for making profit.So keep in touch with nearby Government agencies for all your queries.This will also help you to know various Government policies and subsidies for promoting fish farming.

  These are some tips to help you to have an idea of starting a freshwater fish farming business.After getting a start,maintaining the farm is the next big challenge.It require more patience,knowledge and understanding about the farm.If you get a good beginning,rest of the things will become easy for you.We will discus about it in coming posts.

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  1. i want to start prawn farming in chandballi,bhdrak,orissa. can u tell me about the govt scheme and nearby govt egencies's detail.