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Small scale pigeon farm business

Breeding fancy pigeons is not only a hobby,its a small scale business too.Poultry farming is getting popular today.Many of the government agencies are encouraging it.Same way growing fancy pigeons for show purposes are very profitable.But many people are still not aware of the potential of fancy pigeons farming in India.Here we can discuss how to convert pigeon hobby to a successful business.
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        A successful Pigeon farm business require following stars*


The primary thing need for a successful business is infrastructure.Here in the case of pigeons it is the pigeon loft.A good loft with healthy environment is very essential for the success of the business.The money you spend here should be well planned.Based on our requirement we can have two types of loft.

1)Common Home

Here all of our breeds are put in a single big home which will act as both pigeon nest and aviary.The aviary will help for the healthy of the pigeon but the risk is high here.If any of the pigeon caught a disease,the chance for spreading it to others is very high here.The other problem is the cross-breeding.Sometimes we may get chicks which have the qualities of different breeds as the result of cross breeding in a common home.

2)Separate cages

Here each pair has separate small home or cages.The initial cost is high here.If we want to provide Aviary,then put an extra one big cage as aviary.The diseases can be controlled very effectively this way.Chances of cross breeding is nil.But we need to give extra care to pigeons.


The collection of Good quality breeding pairs is very important for the success of the business.As a starter,try to collect at least 5 pairs of good quality healthy pigeons of different breeds.Don't invest in costly breeds at the starting.As the business grows,we can invest on costly breeds.A loft having 5 pairs of breeding pairs can give you enough income for the expansion of the loft and for the daily expenses.

*Care and treatments

You should invest to ensure good health of your pigeons.The success of the business is there.Try to provide quality treatments and care for your pigeons.


The key factor of every business is the marketing of its products.Here our products are good quality pigeon chicks.We can use various marketing techniques such as

1)Network of Local breeders: This is the main market of our small scale business(you may expand it to global market as your business grow).Try to make contacts with similar businessmen so you will get great benefits.

2)Advertising: By advertising on media,you will get large numbers of clients and try to make a strong relationship with them.

3)Through Internet: Try to post your available stocks in various forums.Try to ensure that you are posting quality birds only.This will attract lots of traffic towards you.

*Managing your farm

when all above stars are completed,you are the owner of a small scale business which is called a pigeon farm.Managing a farm is a challenging job.If you manage it successfully it can assure you great returns.
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