Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scope of Ornamental Fish farming in India

 Ornamental Fish keeping is a popular hobby in India.Majority of the people love Ornamental fish keeping as it give a kind or gladness and activeness for daily life.Most of the people who do fish keeping   as  a hobby don't  know the possibilities of their hobby as a successful business opportunity. Yes,Ornamental fish farming is a multi million Dollar business all over the world which can generate huge income and employment opportunities.So as a fish lover,it is always good to check out the scope of ornamental fish farming.

  Global Ornamental Fish based industry is developing at a rate of ten percent annually.It includes both marine and fresh water fishes.Fresh water fishes are more suitable for farming in small scale.Domestic market absorbs major portion of the ornamental fishes reared in India.Exporting is not that much developed but has great possibilities.USA is the main market for global ornamental fishes followed by Europe and then Japan.Singapore,Malaysia and Indonesia  are major exporters of ornamental fishes.India is very weak in this area and holds only 0.01% of the total export industry.But there are lots of promotional plans coming from Indian government to boost the export industry.We will discuss about it later.

 Now wild catching is our main source of ornamental fishes for exporting.No export industry can sustain in long run depending upon wild capture.So it is very important to find ways to grow/culture fishes in protected area.This demand is a sure sign of possibility of Ornamental fish farming in India.In order to meet the increasing demand from export industry,More and more farming hubs needs to be developed.Various ornamental live bearer fishes such as Molly,Guppy,Platy etc and egg layers such as Gold fish,Koi carp,Zebra  etc shows increased demand in India and all over the world.Zebra is native Indian breed which is highly priced.So possibilities are high for an average Indian fish farmer in this industry.

  While starting a farming business in this industry,we need to be very careful in each steps.Experience is the key factor for the success in this industry.Careful selection of the breeds,maintenance of water,disease treatments etc plays major roles.Before starting the farming,we should ensure the market of our product.It is a field with great challenges also.So knowledge about various aspects of this industry can help the farmer to reduce risk factors.We can go for detailed discussion about them in coming posts.

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