Saturday, January 19, 2013

Small scale Chicken Meat farm Business

 From previous posts,we know the possibilities of chicken farming business in India and all over the world. The rapidly increasing  global population and increased awareness about the health issues generated by Red meats make Chicken meat one of the preferred food item among common people. Based on the output from the farm,Chicken farming can be classified to

  • Farming for Meat production
  • Farming for Egg production
  • Farming for Breeding
 Among these three sub categories of chicken farming,Farming for Meat production is the most developed business area.So here we can discuss about small scale chicken farm business for meat purpose.Below are the things we need to consider while setting up a small chicken farm for meat.


While setting up Infrastructure,we should have a clear idea about the mode of working of our farm.It can be backyard farming,range and fold unit,Intensive system etc.If we are going for Intensive system,initial cost will increase and we have to take care every aspects  of the farm but we can control the production.The infrastructure requirements also different for different mode of farming.So we should have a clear idea about the farming before we proceed.

Selection of Breed

Some chicken breeds are excellent for Meat production but some are not.So it is very important to choose the right one for our farm.Cornish,Marans,Dorking,Jersy giant etc are suitable for Meat production.Same way if we plan for egg farm,we should select breeds accordingly.

Food and Water

Chicken eat and drink a lot.So it is important to feed them consistently.Provision for drinking at any time should be arranged as water plays major role in the health of growing chickens.Care must be taken not to feed chicken contaminated food.

Prevention of Diseases

The farm should be very clean to prevent diseases.Vaccinations for preventing major diseases should be taken time to time.Treatments after disease is very difficult in a chicken farm.If care not taken,a single disease can kill all of our chickens in our farm.

Processing and selling

The chickens should be processed and sold at certain ages.Keeping them for long will cause extra cost to the farmer and result in loss.So there should be a clear marketing idea and having processing unit inside the farm will help the farmer to sell his birds directly to the customers.

 Above details are a small brief about the chicken farm.There are lots of things to learn while we are going for chicken farming which can only learned through practical experience.Chicken farming is a profitable business and it is profitable only when we take care every aspects of the farming.So be careful while entering for chicken farming.The success will be always with the one who take risks..

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