Monday, April 9, 2012

Preparation of Panchagavya - An Organic Manure

 'Panchagavya' is a highly effective Organic manure which is used by Indian farmers from the times of Vedas.Vrukshaurveda-the famous vedic book about plants describes its preparation and benefits.Panchagavya enhances the biological efficiency of plants and stimulates their growth through the actions of microorganisms and micro nutrients contained in it.Its efficiency is verified in field by Indian farmers over thousands of years and are continue to use it. So lets discuss how to make Panchagavya. 

 Panchagavya is a mixture of Five products from Cow-an animal which is considered equal to god in Indian culture.The word Pancha means Five and Gavya means products.So Panchagavya is a mixture of five products from cow.The other ingredients used are to enhance the growth of microorganisms in this mixture.

Ingredients to prepare approximately 20 Litres of Panchagavya are
  • Cow dung -5 Kg
  • Cow's Urine-3 litres
  • Cow's Curd-2 litres
  • Cow's Ghee-500 gms
  • Cow's Milk-2 litres
  • Jaggery/Sarkara-500 gms
  • Water- 3 litres
  • Banana fruit- 500 gms
  • Coconut water-3 litres
  • Toddy-2 litres or yeast
Preparation of Panchagavya

 Take 5 Kg of fresh cow dung and mix it thoroughly with 500 gms of Cow's Ghee to form a paste.Keep the paste in a plastic bucket or in a mud pot near a shaded place for 5 days.On the 5th day,form another mixture of cow's milk,curd,urine,jaggery,coconut water,water and banana fruit.Add this mixture to 5 days old cow dung mixture and stir well.Add Toddy or some yeast to it and place it in shaded area.Cover the top of the bucket with a fine cloth.Keep this mixture in shaded place for 14 days.Stir it every day to provide proper aeration.Micro organisms will start to work on it and in about 20 days our Panchagavya will be ready for use.

Method of Usage
  • Add 200ml of panchagavya to 10 litres of water and spray on plants leafs.
  • Add 1 litres of panchagavya to 10 litres of water and apply on soil.
  • usage should be limited to once in a week for proper benefit.
 Below video clearly shows the preparation of Panchagavya.

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