Thursday, January 31, 2013

Small scale Chicken Egg Farm Business

 From my previous post,we know some details about chicken farming for meat purpose.Now we are going to discuss about chicken egg farm business.Egg farming is one of the profitable section of poultry farming.Majority of people prefer Chicken Eggs than other poultry Eggs.Main Egg producers in India are from Maharashtra,Tamil Nadu and Kanataka states.Kerala is one of the main consumer of Eggs.As there is always a huge demand exists for Chicken Eggs,starting a Chicken farm for the production of Eggs will be a great idea.

India got 5th position in the production of Eggs.Nearly 4%of the total Global production of Eggs are from India.The market grows at an average of 7% annually. One interesting fact is that India got Lowest Egg production cost among all Egg producing countries.India has over 5000 years history in Egg production.From these datas,it is very clear that Indian farmers can successfully do Egg business and is a good opportunity for them.

While doing Egg farming,we need to maintain a clean environment in the farm.Eggs should be collected same day.Old birds should be replaced with new ones.Rest of the things are same as that of Meat farming.Regular feeding and cleaning are important.Drinking water should be clean and need to be available at all time.We can do either backyard farming or Intensive farming.

 Increasing chicken feed rate and maintenance rates are the main challenges in chicken farming.By preparing chicken feeds ourselves,we can avoid this headache.The increasing Egg rate is a good sign for farmers.To ensure maximum profit,they need to avoid retailers and should sell their product directly in market.This will help the end customer to get healthy eggs at cheap rate.So lets start a small chicken farm in our backyard and produce some eggs.  

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  1. sir please full detials in layer farming

  2. Hi I am Aravindh from Tamilnadu ,planning meat trade in Kerala.I am seeking business partners locally in kerala with equal investment. Interested are requested to contact me 8682983199

  3. I wish to start a small farms approx 250 layer chick.give comments.