Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Greenhouse Farming-Future Technology in Indian Farming

Here we are going to discuss about a modern technology which is not common in India but common in  foreign countries  -  The Greenhouse Farming Technology.Over last 20 years,lots of researches were happening in this field and now a dozen of companies are doing their businesses at India in this field.Lots of young farmers realized the possibility of Greenhouse farming and are willing to invest more in this field.Yes.Greenhouse farming technology made farming a 'complete business opportunity'.Now lets have a detailed analysis of this technology.

Greenhouse Farming means Farming inside a shelter called Greenhouse.A high tech Greenhouse requires Lots of Rupees to construct,but we can also build our own cheap green house.In old days,the main use of greenhouses were to protect plants from extreme weather conditions.But now it is incorporated with various technologies like drip irrigation systems,automatic temperature controlling systems etc to form a complete artificial farming area which is insulated from outside climate.The main importance of this technology is that one can grow any plant in any place at any time by providing suitable environmental conditions inside the green house.

What is a Greenhouse

Greenhouses are framed or inflated structures covered with transparent materials large enough to grow plants under partial or fully controlled environmental conditions to get optimum growth and productivity.

Advantages of Greenhouse Technology
  • High Quality agricultural products.
  • Production volume increases more than 10 to 12 times than normal production.
  • Off-seasonal production possible.
  • Disease and pets attacks minimum.
  • Latest technologies can be incorporated to get maximum benefits.
  • Plant growth rate and lifespan very high.
  • Considering overall performance,it is very cost effective.
  • Modern technologies like Hydroponic farming can be applied with this technology for better farming experience.

Disadvantages of Greenhouse technology
  • Initial cost is very High
  • Maintenance cost high
  • Knowledge of various factors required to effectively control climate inside the Greenhouse.

 Considering above factors,it is a very good idea to start a Greenhouse Farming as a business initiative if we have required capital and knowledge in hand.In coming posts,we can see various aspects of this technology.
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  1. Do you have any idea about , institutions or farms giving training for green house farming.


    1. National Horticulture Board is giving Training on greenhouse farming.You may approach their branch in your district.Its a Government agency.Else you may contact Agricultural universities in your state.Various Greenhouse companies are also giving training while we buy their products.They will also provide buyback offers..