Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Greenhouse Tomato farming

 We can grow any vegetable under greenhouse technology.But there are some preferred vegetable items to grow under Greenhouse,this is by considering the profitability,comfort to farm,ease of harvesting like factors.Tomato is one of the vegetable item preferred under greenhouse technology in almost all part of the world.As a starting greenhouse farmer,it is more easy to understand Greenhouse techniques by growing tomatoes in Greenhouse.Below videos shows some Greenhouse tomato farming techniques.

 Below video shows a Kenyan movement to promote Greenhouse farming.Great video to learn how they are doing it

 Below video shows fully professional approach on this technology

 This video give us some useful information regarding tomato farming

 There are lots of videos in YouTube regarding Tomato farming in Greenhouses.By watching them we can have a good idea about how this technology is utilized in various countries.

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  1. I am thinking of using the space under the solar panels in my terrace for green house. Is this a good idea? The plants will be in planters and not directly on the terrace as the terrace is not suitable for putting soil directly.
    The size of the space is 6feet * 25 feet.
    I like to have some vegetables and herbs in this green house. please suggest which veg and herb will be better suited for this.

  2. If you can provide enough sunlight to your plants while utilizing that space,its a good idea.Putting soil directly to the terrace may damage your terrace.

    If you are going to use your greenhouse for commercial purpose,then go for products which are priced more in market.Some of them are capsicum,Red chillies,tomatoes,various flower items etc.If you are planning for home use,then grow vegetables which you use daily at home.It depends upon the purpose of your greenhouse.

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