Friday, November 16, 2012

Stages of cultivation of Mushrooms in a commercial farm

   While farming Mushrooms for commercial purposes, each stage of growth should be identified well and necessary cares should be taken.This classification of different growth stages will help us to easily track the growth of our Mushrooms and establish an order in each activities in the farm.Below are the main three stages of Mushroom cultivation in a farm

Mycelium production

In this stage,Spores separated from mushroom tissues are introduced to grains.This mixture is allowed to form a fully grown Mycelium culture.This processes are usually done in a laboratory conditions.This stage is very important and require grate care to ensure quality mushroom production.


The Mycelium culture is introduced in to suitable substrate and is allowed for colonization.Normally this stage is done in a dark room.Once the substrate is fully colonized,it is moved to fruiting chamber.


In this stage,The fully colonized substrate is moved to fruiting chamber where all necessary atmospheric conditions are provided.Around 90% humidity is provided and temperature is maintained between 22-28 Deg C.Depending on the mushroom breed we farm,some extra conditions like soil,sunlight,compost etc also provided here.The mushrooms are harvested at the end of this stage.

  The above stages are a rough outline only.There are various other activities like substrate preparation,sterilization,humidity controlling,pest controlling such activities involved for a successful mushroom harvest.however ,above post may help to get a basic idea about the stages of mushroom cultivation in a farm.

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