Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freshwater Prawn farming in India

 Freshwater Prawn farming has great scope in India.Even though the names Prawn and Shrimp are used synonymously,there is a small difference in between them.Shrimps are small and are more related to marine water than Prawns.However for a common customer,the names are synonymous and is a delicious food.India is blessed with large number of rivers,ponds and other freshwater bodies.Already fresh water fish farming is well popularized as a small scale business in India.By adopting both farming techniques,an innovative farmer can nearly double his income.

 Prawns always have great demand in Local and International markets.USA,Canada and European countries are main customers of exported Prawns.Previously all High quality Prawns were exported to foreign countries.But now,the demand for Quality Prawns increased in local markets and customers are willing to pay more for quality prawns.So it is a good chance for local producers to get more value and profit from their product.

 The most commonly used Prawn for fresh water farming is Giant freshwater Prawn.It is also called as Scampi.This breed is popular for its high growth rate and big size.The decrease in the availability of shrimps from marine sources results in high demand for freshwater prawns.There are lots of compatible freshwater fishes which can be easily grown together with prawns.This leaves a golden chance for freshwater fish farmer to grow prawns without any extra infra requirements.Only they need is proper knowledge and deep insight towards this farm business.We can discuss more about freshwater prawn farming in coming posts.

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