Thursday, March 7, 2013

Challenges faced by Turkey farmers in India

 India is a great market for poultry products.Majority of Indian Meat consumption belongs to poultry meat.But the domination of chicken meat in the meat industry raises great challenges to other meat producers.Turkey farmers are the one of such meat producers affected by the domination of chicken meat in the industry.This is the same factor which decrease the growth and popularity of Turkey farming in India.Besides this,there are some other challenges faced by Turkey farmers.Let us discuss about them.

High cost of production

Even though some western countries manages to keep the cost of production at minimum,Indian farmers always experience the issue of high cost of production.The main reason behind it is the lack of researches and support from the poultry department.The lack of a specially optimized farming practice for Turkeys is also a reason.

Lack of support

Government and other agencies are not contributing for the development of Turkey farming in India.They are well concentrated on chicken farming.As the farmers are not getting training on Turkey farming,a well structured farming practice is not occurring in India.

Lack of popularity

As the Turkey farming is least popular in India,people are unaware of the products of it.So the market is always opened the other poultry products like chicken.Continuous efforts need to be taken to gain popularity  in Indian market

Professional Marketing

Western farms utilize the services of Marketing professionals for getting more and more sales.But in India,as this sector is not developed,farms can't utilize such services

Treatment of birds

As the research and development wing of Indian farming sector is not contributing to Turkey farmers,there is no specialized treatment of Turkey birds in India.They often get the same type of treatments which are usually given to chickens.

Above are some of the challenges faced by a common Indian Turkey farmer.Majority of the issues are contributed by the less popularity of these birds.As this sector grow,they will be solved easily....

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to set up a small scale turkey farm. which is the best place in north Kerala to collect the turkey poults?

    1. You may approach Government veterinary universities in kerala like Mannuthy to get more details about the best turkey poult farmers in kerala.