Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to setup a small scale turkey farm business

 Turkey farming is not popular in India. But in US, nearly 25   crores  of  Turkeys are consumed annually . Studies reveals that Indian cooking style is well adapted with Chicken than Turkeys. But as a part of globalization,Turkey products are being introduced to India and more people are attracted to new tastes.The increasing demand for turkey meat in Restaurants and Hotels is the sure sign of the new trend in Indian food industry.To tap these new possibilities,the new generation farmers should be quite aware of Turkey farming.

To develop a small scale turkey farming,we should concentrate on few basic things.Below basic factors will help us to have a basic idea about them.

As the Turkeys are new to us and we don't have an experience on them,it is always advised to start with minimum investment along with our current job or farm.

The main things we need to concentrate are

Selection of Breeds

While starting a Turkey farm,the poult (baby turkey) should selected very carefully.It should be free from diseases and need to be from a good Turkey breed.The selection of breed depends up on the purpose of the farming.If we plan for Meat farm,we need to select the breed which will give more meat.If the plan is for breeding or egg sale,we should choose accordingly.


The Infrastructure mainly depends up on mode of our farming.We can either go for intensive farming or free range farming.As a starter,it is better to choose free range farming.For free range farming,the infrastructure requirement is minimum.A normal wooden shelter is enough for this type of farming.The area around the farm should be protected well from predators and intruders.


Some breeds of turkeys are selective in taking food.You should examine it carefully and feed them accordingly.Normally Turkeys eat all types of grains and food wastes.There should be plenty of pure water available all day.While doing free range farming,we don't have to worry much about feeding.

Disease prevention and farm maintenance

Chicken and Turkey have almost same type of disease resistance.So the prevention measures and treatments  for them are almost same.some common diseases which affect Turkeys most are arizonosis,blackhead disease,chronic respiratory disease etc.Farm should be maintained very neatly to avoid majority of these diseases.


Marketing is the main headache for a Turkey farmer.As the industry is not well developed,the orders will be very less in the initial stage.Try to make contracts with main restaurants and hotels in city area.As our farm starts popularize,we will get more sales...

These are some brief descriptions only.A Turkey farmer may face more challenges while doing the business.To prevent unexpected loss,we should start at minimum investment and go for mixed farming....   


  1. could you please give me the list of Turkey chicken suppliers list in India

    1. Hi Riadacca,
      You can get the details from justdial