Sunday, February 10, 2013

Turkey farming

 Turkey farming is one of the emerging farming business in India.Even though Turkey is a North American bird,Now it is seen in almost all parts of the world.Turkey is mainly used for meat purpose.In India,people give more importance to chicken meat than any other poultry item.So this industry is not well developed in India.But as the people search for new food items and taste,Turkey business got lots of potential to grow as a successful business.

The rising demand from the Hotel and Restaurant industry for the Turkey meat is a sure sign of the upcoming possibilities.As the availability of these birds in India are very less now,Most of the birds are used for breeding purpose.Eggs and chicks are sold at decent prices.As the popularity increase,initial farmers can get more benefit from it.

The main challenge that the farmers now face is the Marketing of these birds.The popularity of these birds till not reached at the rural parts of India.High demand exists in some part of the rural areas,but farmers can't find that market exactly.In some parts,availability is high,but demand is low and in some parts availability low and demand high.So to market Turkey meat,farmers need to take extra efforts.So it is advised that we need to ensure our market before we Invest on Turkey farm.

To develop a Turkey farm,we need to know more about Turkey birds and how to care them.Also we need to know the infrastructure required.We will discuss about that in coming posts...

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