Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organic Vegetable and fruit farming

Organic farming
Organic farming is not a new concept in India.It is being followed in India from ancient time. But after Green revolution, priority got changed and now only small percentage of farmers are following Organic farming. Organic way of Vegetable and fruit gardening attracts big interest among people who love earth,nature,and organic way of living.It is also a subject which should be promoted for the sustainability of our life on earth.So for the benefit of both earth and our life,let us try to know about vegetable and fruit gardening and ways to implement it in our life.

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is a method of farming where Earth,plants,products,environment and micro organisms are taken into consideration.It is primarily aimed at cultivating the land,keep the soil alive and healthy thus produce natural products.In Organic farming nature is getting benefited whereas we get natural products.

 Organic Vegetable and fruit farming is today's need.Most of the vegetables and fruits we get from market contain poisonous pesticides and chemicals which can cause dangerous diseases like cancer.So it is our responsibility to encourage Organic farming and chemical free products.The more Organic products you buy,more farmers will start to produce Organic products.Actually people are getting awareness about it and are ready to pay more for Organic products.

Organic farming is not only a business which can give a good income,but a hobby which give lots of pleasure,satisfaction,mental strength,relax etc in our daily life.We never get such golden moments while doing any other works.So it is very important that everyone should have a small Organic garden for cultivating Organic vegetables and fruits for their daily use.You will surely get benefited out of it.You can also have a small greenhouse farm on your terrace to meet your daily vegetable requirement.

 There are lots of things to be taken care before we start farming.Implementing organic farming is the right way to love our nature.So planning is very important.We can check various aspects of vegetable and fruit farming in coming posts..


  1. Hi
    I have good amount of farm land in Delhi , and very keen to start this organic farming. Pls advice to whom and from where I can get help about start.


    1. You can approach various government agencies like krishi bhavan, Krishi vigyan kendras in Delhi.Also please try to visit nearby Agricultural university.Help is sure..

  2. I have 5 acres of land in Kerala , Like to develop a farm with multiple products like organic veg , Fish , Poultry , Diary and EMU

    Can you please advise from where I can get a proper consultancy service and also from where I can get financial assistance