Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scope of Emu Farming in Kerala

  Kerala is blessed with raining and summer seasons which comes periodically.Emu bird is much suitable for this type of climatic conditions.Emu birds makes less environmental pollution compared to other poultry species and the less efforts required to maintain them makes these birds a suitable species for farming.

Please read my previous posts for getting an introduction about Emu bird farming before further reading.

 Food habits of Malayalees are changing day by day.Even though basically keralites are vegetarians, more and more people are adding Non-veg items to their daily food.Main Non-veg items we use are made up of poultry items like chickens,tharavu(duck),kaada and red meat items like Beef,Mutton,Pork etc.Introduction of Emu meat will be a revolution in eating habits of keralites.

 Emu meat belongs to Red meat category.The other meat items which belongs to this category like Beef,Mutton,Pork contains rich Cholesterol contents,which makes these meats as a food item which should be avoided at least by heart patients,over sized people,and people above 50 years old.The possibility of Emu meat is here.Emu meat is a Red meat which is 98% Cholesterol free!.With good marketing and ensuring the availability it can develop as an independent business area.

In developed countries ,Doctors suggest Emu meat as an acceptable food item for cardiac patients.Emu rearing is a huge business there.

 Emu bird is new to Kerala and only few people are doing emu farming right now.But the income generated by these few people are high and more and more new farmers are attracted towards this field.Emu rearing is a long term farming which requires only small investment for starting,but takes two to three years for generating income.The main reason for it is because Emu requires 18 to 24 months for maturity and after that only it start to lay eggs.

 The interesting thing which is happening in Kerala is:-only few people have good collection of Emu chicks and, more and more people are starting Emu farming-which makes high demand for Emu chicks and low availability.

The increased price for Emu chicks helps existing farmers to earn more benefits for their money and effort.

 Other states in India like Andra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu,Gujarat already formed Emu farmers Associations,which helps them for producing value added products from Emu and marketing it.As a starting phase in kerala,formation of such associations will enhance the growth of this field.

 Production of Emu oil also has its own importance in kerala. Many pharmaceutical companies are using Emu oil as an ingredient in their product due to its natural abilities to penetrate through human skin and medicinal effects.Lots of Ayurvedic companies are manufacturing their products in kerala and if we can ensure continuous availability of Emu oil,they will be our valuable customers. 

Emu Oil has great market among Ayurvedic manufactures in Kerala.

 The other value adding uses like use of Emu nails,skin,leather,feathers are also revenue generating products.But Emu farming in Kerala is not that much developed to use these items as an industrial basis.Formation of Emu farmers Association in kerala will bring big changes for this.
   Check some main Emu farms in Kerala.

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