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8 Health Benefits of Cow Milk

Every individual's life is associated with Milk.It was the primary health drink which provided necessary food and nutrition for all of us at the early stage of our life.But later on we went away from it and started to consume other food and Beverages.For most of us,it is not part of our lifestyle now.It is a great concern that we are unable to get necessary nutrition from our modern beverages and food habits,instead we are eating junk foods and inviting diseases.So it is very much important  that we understand the Health benefits of Milk and add it to our food menu.As there are different types of Milk available for human consumption,we are talking about Cow Milk as it is widely used all over the world. 

The health benefits of Milk are...

Health of Bones and Teeth

Milk contain Calcium,Magnesium,Phosphorous and Vitamin D which are necessary for the health of Bones and Teeth.For the growing children,these are very important for their growth and for adult,these are required for maintaining the health of Bones and Teeth.The protein in the milk prevent the loss of Calcium from the Body.Milk will protect Teeth from side effects of other Beverages and provide necessary nutrients for it.

Reduce High Blood Pressure

Milk contains Potassium,which plays major role in lowering Blood Pressure.There were lots of studies on the daily requirements of Potassium and it was found that a young healthy man require 4060 mg of Potassium daily.Unfortunately most of us are not getting that much of Potassium from our food habits.Drinking Milk daily and consuming Potassium rich foods like Bananas,Oranges etc will help us to fulfil the requirement.

Less Stress

The Enzymes and Proteins in the Milk have the ability to regulate production of Stress hormones in our body.The Potassium content will reduce the High Blood Pressure.So the person who consume Milk daily will enjoy a less stress and health life.

Less Cholesterol

Drinking low fat Milk will help you to maintain Cholesterol in your Body.Milk has the property to reduce Liver's production of Cholesterol.

Building Muscles

The Proteins in the Milk is very good for building Muscles.Drinking Milk after exercise will help you to provide necessary Protein for Muscle building and necessary fluids to your Body.

Skin Health

Milk is very good for Skin health.It contain essential protein for moisturising your skin and Antioxidants to delay ageing. Cleopatra used milk for keeping her skin soft and beauty.

Increased Immunity

Recent study conducted in Sweden concluded that those who drink one glass of milk daily has 29% less chance to have various diseases and their immunity was boosted by the consumption of Milk. 

Fighting Cancer

There were so many studies conducted regarding the usage of Milk to fight Cancer.All of them concluded that Milk Consumption helps to fight against Cancer especially Breast and Colorectal Cancer

These are the major health benefits of Milk.But there are some precautions needs to be taken before you Consume Milk.You should know whether you have any allergy/Lactose intolerance while consume Milk.If that is the case,seek the help of your doctor.

It is recommended that you use Organic milk available from your nearby small scale Dairy Farmer for Daily use as it is free from Growth Hormones and Chemicals.Factory made Milk contains large amount of Growth Hormones and Chemicals which are dangerous to our health.Consume Low fat Organic Milk for better result.Support your nearby small scale Dairy farmer by Buying Organic Milk from him.Thus support organic farming and Health lifestyle.... 

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