Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mushroom Farming

  Mushroom farming is one of the high profitable business opportunity in developing countries like India.But many farmers are still not able to utilize the possibilities of mushrooms. Lack of knowledge of mushroom farming and shortage of experienced professionals are main reasons for it.Unlike other traditional farming areas,mushroom farmer or entrepreneur require high technical skills and modern equipments to achieve optimum result.So lack of knowledge or carelessness at any stage can lead to huge loss.This is the reason behind the slow spreading of mushroom farming in India.But if everything is done correctly,a mushroom farmer can earn nice income and achieve a good profession.

  The attractiveness of this industry is that there is always a good market demand for mushrooms and its products,but the availability is less.The problem is that,the product is perishable very easily.So demand for new products exists every day.In coming posts,we can have a more detailed discussion about Mushroom farming.

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  1. i want to start a business of it....
    what are expected investment and profit margins of it??

    1. Invest will depend mainly on the infrastructure requirement.Oyster and Milky mushroom require different type infrastructures.You can choose Automatic,semi automatic,manual systems in your farm.Investment vary based on these requirements.You can expect more than 50% profit margins,But the risk is also high in this business..

  2. Can you please guide me for starting this business

  3. I also want to start musroom cultivation on small scale please provide me information about minimum investment and other requirments about it..

  4. I am also interested in it. if anyone is here with same interest then contact me on

  5. Sir,
    I am interesting in different types of mushroom farming
    m ready to invest in modern equipments technical skill availabilityof land manpower required for same.
    Sir, i need your guidence and support.
    Vaibhav H Bhapkar
    Dist- Pune.
    Tal-Junnar.(at/post- Narayangaon. Pune - Nshik Highway, Pin-410504)
    Contact No. 02132/242900