Saturday, April 7, 2012

Organic Manures--Natural way to Feed the Soil during Farming

 Even though the technology developed highly enough to replace the soil from farms,the products are different from the ones produced organically from soil.So here we discuss how to enrich our soil with nutrients and organic contents. To enrich soil with nutrients,we can apply synthetic nutrients,but in long turn these synthetic nutrients decreases soil's ability to retain organic contents,water etc and quality of the soil decreases heavily. So the best way to avoid these is to utilize the possibilities of Organic manures.

 Soil is the base of our conventional farming methods. We apply everything to soil. If the quality of the soil is very weak, plants can't use what we are giving to them. So enriching soil is an important task in the farming process. Using Organic manures is the best way to do it.

What are Organic Manures

 Organic manures are natural materials ready to decay in to the soil to provide food/nutrient to the plants by enhancing the growth of essential micro organisms in the soil.The micro organisms convert nutrients present in the soil and the manure to a form which can easily be absorbed by plants.Its ultimate function is to provide nutrients in natural way.

Functions of Organic Manures

  • Provide nutrients
  • Retail soil's ability to store water
  • Provide Organic acids to dissolve soil nutrients
  • Balance soil's PH value
  • Enhance the growth of essential micro organisms
Different methods of Organic Manuring
  • Green manuring
  • Green leaf manuring
  • Composting
  • Organic waste manuring
 All are different methods to achieve a common result based on different types of plants.
 Among these Organic manuring methods,there are some unique techniques developed to achieve maximum results. We will discuss some of them in the coming posts.

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