Thursday, May 30, 2013

Farm maintenance to avoid Monsoon seasonal diseases

  Rain has just arrived in southern shores of India especially in Kerala.It is time to take preventive measures to avoid diseases caused by rainy atmosphere. The summer season is not a suitable atmosphere for bacteria and virus to multiply and spread diseases,but rainy season is the most comfortable atmosphere for them to show who they are.So to avoid the impact of such diseases,we need to take extra care.We should be prepared before the Monsoon hit our farm.Below are some areas we need to take care while doing the preventive maintenance of our farm..

Cleaning: A well cleaned farm can keep away diseases.Each and every corner of the farm should be cleaned well and new sand should be spread over all parts of the floor.This can keep away micro organisms.

Food: If we have lots of stock of food,then that should be moved to a secure location to avoid contamination of food due to the rainy weather.If possible,try to arrange new stock.

Water sources: Our water sources should be cleaned well and protected from the chances of  spreading impure water in it.All the machinery associated with it should be cleaned and repaired.This will help us to avoid water related diseases.

Checking live-stocks:Each and every bird and animal in our farm should be checked well.If any issue found should be consulted with nearest veterinary doctor.  

Avoid chances of Water entry inside cages

Ensure proper draining of water.

Avoid flies,Mosquitoes etc from our farm.

               Above steps can help us to keep away diseases from our farm especially in Monsoon season.

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